How to include a family crest in your wedding design

How to include a family crest in your wedding design

When planning a wedding, one of the first things a bride must decide on are what I call her high values – the places where she wants to dedicate her time and resources. Of course, I love working with brides who prioritize their paper goods, believing they have a unique ability to set the stage for what is to come and capture her and her fiancé's style. 

For this particular suite, I worked with a bride with deep Southern roots. She and her family grew up going to the Old Waverly Club in West Point, Mississippi, and because it holds so many cherished memories for her family, it was an obvious choice for the venue.

Beginning the design process, we knew we wanted to somehow incorporate the Scottish heritage shared by the Old Waverly Club, her Dad, and her fiancé. The invitations had to be sophisticated and classically elegant so we chose to use her fiancé's family crest as the basis. It was the perfect way to pay homage to both families and the venue. I worked with the bride her mother to gather images of the historic family crest and used those to craft the symbol we used on her invites, detail, and RSVP cards.

Weddings—and more specifically marriage—are about the creation of a new family, the carrying on of family legacies and heritage. Family crests are such a beautiful way to show that to your guests! In addition to getting a prominent spot on wedding stationery, you can use also them on napkins, programs, and signage for the day-of materials. Like a monogram or logo, crests are a great way to tie together the overall look of your wedding.

Furthermore, once a crest has been designed, you can take it far beyond just your wedding day. It becomes a cherished heirloom—one you can hopefully share with your children as unique reminder of their heritage.

Originally written a a guest post for Four Hats Press