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Exciting News! The calendar year 2019 Emily Ley Simplified Planners and all new accessories have launched! In the spring, Emily Ley and the Simplified Team revealed the new covers and some super fun new products! I am such a big fan of Emily's and so believe in her products, especially the Simplified Planner. There isn't a lot of extra fluff, but it is so intentional. Fun Fact: I got to meet Emily back in January for her A Simplified Life Book tour (one week before little man's due date)! 

Below I am going to walk you through some of the new covers and some of my favorite new products launching! Everything is so fun and colorful – you know 521 Designs is all about that. I hope you find this helpful!

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The Daily and Weekly Simplified Planners:


Mint Pineapple Daily Simplified Planner | $58

Thin Stripe Daily Simplified Planner | $58


Navy Dot Daily Simplified Planner | $58


Watercolor Floral Daily Simplified Planner| $58


Happy Stripe Daily Simplified Planner | $58


Blue Tile Daily Simplified Planner | $58

Pineapple Weekly.JPG

Mint Pineapple Weekly Simplified Planner | $48

Thin Stripe Weekly.JPG

Thin Stripe Weekly Simplified Planner | $48

Navy Dot Weekly Simplified Planner | $48

Watercolor Floral Weekly Simplified Planner | $48

Happy Stripe Weekly Simplified Planner | $48

Tile Weekly.JPG

Blue Tile Weekly Simplified Planner | $48

One of my favorite things about Emily Ley's products is everything is intentional and has a purpose. Below are some of my favorite fun and practical accessories to enhance your planner experience! And YES, it is an experience!  

Fun Planner Accessories:


Stretchy Bands | $12


Sticker Book | $14


Page Markers | $5


These Stretchy Bands are perfect to hold you planners together. They are durable and also come in a variety of colors to perfectly coordinate with your cover. Be sure to choose the appropriate size for your planner – daily or weekly. 


Y'all these are SO FUN! There is literally a sticker for every occasion and celebration! These are just too fun not to snatch up!


These page markers are magnetic and super nifty. I think if you get the Daily Simplified Planner they are almost a must! The fun thing about these is that there is one to match every cover option making it easy to coordinate! 

If you are looking for some good pens to fill out your new planner, Emily created a custom "Happy Stripe" pen set and they are too cute! If you are wanting just a little something extra you could get this Colorful Doodle Sticker Set. Lastly, how cute is this new pineapple hat – perfect for throwing on for errands or sitting by the pool! 

Please note: the links in this post are affiliate links. They cost you nothing to click through to the products, but I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase and for that, I am truly grateful! Thank you!